Science Week has started with a bang today! Dave Laidlaw from the University of Sunderland has Zoomed our pupils and set them a few challenges.

First of all, he has challenged us to make our very own penny batteries using shiny copper coins, tin foil, cardboard, salt and vinegar. He showed us how to do it and included all of the health and safety measures. We have all the equipment in school but he did mention cleaning up using mum or dad’s best tea towels if you are at home (I would like to put on record that the school does not recommend this 😆).

Finally, he also announced a competition for all of the children with some amazing prizes including an indoor drone and a t shirt that allows you to see your internal organs through an app. The competition is: Can you draw Dave your own electric car design? Points are awarded for neatness, energy saving features and its name. The design needs to be on 10cm x 10cm paper. He is popping into school to collect the designs on Friday. If you have a child that is self-isolating and would like to take part, send in your images via Class Dojo to Mr Shenton.

Science Week is all about ‘Innovation’. Let’s get innovating!