Laura Hepburn joined us this afternoon on a live zoom webinar to tell us how she plans to change the world!

Laura is the CEO of Greenology, a recycling firm which is based in Middlesbrough. They take waste products and make them into energy. Laura calls herself a career chameleon and she is no stranger to the big screen having been involved in the design of Hollywood films such as Game of Thrones, Tolkien, Dumbo and Fantastic Beasts to name just a few.

Amongst some of the awards which she has received, Laura is on this year’s Northern power woman of the year future list.

Greenology takes non recyclable household plastics and turns them into power. Laura’s daughter Molly explained that this is something very close to her heart due to an increase in global warming and climate change. Laura and Molly shared with us the different types of plastics that are used in our homes on a daily basis. They went into great depths about a triangle shown on the bottom of various plastics, this shows that it can be recycled and gives the recycling companies an idea of the plastic that it is. If it can’t be recycled then it is usually incinerated and the fumes fill the air or it is buried in landfill.

They then demonstrated how they melt down the different non recyclable plastics in a large oven, at a certain temperature. Once the plastic has been melted down it can then be used for electricity and to power different vehicles.

What a fantastic experience we had! Hopefully, next time we might get the chance to go and see how it’s recycled in person!

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