School Council is a team of pupils who have been democratically elected by their classes to attend meetings and decide how we can help to improve our school. Just as in our Local Councils and in Parliament, we present our campaign and our classmates vote for us. We attend weekly meetings and we talk to Mr Shenton about how we can improve our school.

In September our new School Council has been elected – it ties in perfectly with this term’s British Value ‘Democracy’.

We have already met this year and have asked the staff to look at the following agenda items together:

  • safe reopening of the gym
  • return to playground equipment zoning
  • tuck shop including the labelling of Gluten free products
  • school discos safely returning


Last term we were able to put lots in place for the pupils here at East Boldon Juniors:

East Boldon Energy Elephants;

Planning of a Multi-Use Games Arena (MUGA);

Lost property organisation;

end of year Family Picnic

and we were able to meet our local MP Kate Osbourne