Community is so important to us at East Boldon Juniors. Our team want to support you and your family on your journey through our school.


Meet our leadership team


Head Teacher: Mr T Shenton

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs K Seebacher




SENCo: Mrs H Winter

Y5 and Y6 Phase Leader: Mr S Wilson



Meet our Year 3 team

Class Teacher: Mrs J Hunt

Class Teacher: Mrs R Plews

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs G Thomas


Meet our Year 4 team


Class Teacher: Mrs B Jones

Class Teacher: Mrs M Taylor




Teaching Assistant: Mrs K Brechin

Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Mulholland



Meet our Year 5 team


Class Teacher: Mr S Chilton

Class Teacher: Mrs J Martin




Teaching Assistant: Mrs D Mackin

Teaching Assistant: Mrs S Thompson



Meet our Year 6 team


Class Teacher: Mrs L Burns

Class Teacher: Mr S Wilson

Higher Level Teaching Assistant: Mrs N Case


Meet our PPA cover teacher

Teacher: Mrs S Stidolph



Meet our Lunchtime Supervisors


LSA: Mrs J Leonard


LSA: Mrs M Pederson


LSA: Mrs T Scott


LSA: Mrs L Swinburne


LSA: Mrs K Weymss




Meet our Office Team and Caretaker


Office Manager: Mrs K Frank

Office Assistant: Miss K Porri

Caretaker: Mr S Langley