Year 5

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We hope you enjoyed our class assembly.

Here is some of our Rocket work.

Download (DOCX, 5.17MB)

Year 5 have been reading “The Midnight Fox” by Betsy Byars. This book is about a boy named Tom who was forced to go to his aunt’s farm for two months while his parents went to Europe. On the farm he saw a black fox (which were really rare) and decided to not tell anyone. The black fox was very special to him.

We wrote these descriptive poems about the ‘Midnight Fox’.

By Will

The Midnight Fox by Sam The Midnight Fox by Holly The Midnight Fox by Evie The Midnight Fox by Joffe




Autumn 2016. This term year 5 are working with Music Hands iBand, a mobile ipad orchestra.

Composing music for our ihands orchestra (4) Mr O

Mr Olatunji teaches us how to compose our own music and develop our musical skills utilising touch technology and cutting edge music software.

Pupils from both classes in year 5 have taken part in Music Hands iPad music project known as the iBand. During the project pupils create a software ensemble using music apps to augment their understanding of rhythm, time, harmony and structure.

The song covered; ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran, has a classic pop structure and instrumentation. The iBand enabled pupils to explore complex harmony ideas, for example the turnaround ‘VI, V, IV, I, II, V, I’ chord progression. As an educator its clear to see that the iPad as a musical medium provides an intuitive way to explore complex chord types and progressions. On an analogue instrument substantial prior tuition would have been required. Pupils enjoyed the success of completing an entire song with its rhythm, feel, instrumentation and arrangement intact.

To create our iBand, we divided our digital instruments into four sections comprised of piano, bass, guitar and strings. Students explored  all the software instruments and learnt the entire song structure and arrangement in just five sessions. Looking back, the most fun had was trading solo’s using Garageband’s hard rock guitar and scale feature. You could easily loose an afternoon sounding like a mini version Steve Vai or Tom Morello. The class voted for their favourite soloist to lead in their final performance.   Mr Olatunji

Now please watch our performance.



Some children wrote amazing pieces of music. Follow this link to hear come of our compositions.

Top tracks: