Year 4

Welcome to year 4’s page. Here we will tell you about the great time we have in school and all the interesting things we learn about.

Year 4 spent a fabulous day at Openzone@The Word in South Shields. Here we learnt to make an animation featuring all of the animals we had learnt about in class. We had to write the words to accompany our story in French of course.

We also made a film in the television studio using green-screen technology. We learnt to sing several songs in French. We thoroughly enjoyed our day, and improved our French!

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Our class assembly was about Ancient Egypt. I really enjoyed it and I played the young archaeologist club leader. I was in charge of the children and it was really fun.

Isaac M – Class 7


During our Ancient Egypt topic we learnt about what happens when pharaohs die. We even wrapped each other up in toilet paper! I enjoyed making a mummy because I was the mummy!

Alfie K – Class 7


I loved making my brooch, making the brooch was amazing because you can let your imagination run wild and you can be so unique.

Jessica P – Class 7

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I had a lot of fun at the multi-skills festival because I love sport and the tasks were fun too! I had a great morning!

Fern M – Class 7





In literacy, we have been reading the Ice Palace. It is about a boy who is trying to save his little brother who has been taken by an evil monster called Starjik. We have wrote poems, letters and diary entries based on the story.

Kaite P – Class 7


The Ice Palace Midnight Snowflakes